Does temperature change a bell’s pitch?

Does a bell’s pitch (tone) changes when the temperature changes? It’s obviously a fundamental question because controlling bell quality is based on that it is possible to measure the pitch and partials correctly. I’ve heard bell consultants claim that bells do change pitch with temperature. If this is the case it is not easy to measure a bell at all, as it’s metal is highly thermally conductive. A thermometer and a calculator is needed. If a bell doesn’t change with temperature – nice and much easier. Let’s see…

Bells normally are hanging outdoors where the temperature change from night to day and from summer to winter, therefore it shouldn’t be a problem to determine if the pitch changes or not. So – I have decided to carry out a small initial physical experiment by measuring a bell in different temperatures of at least 10 degrees celsius apart, and display the results here. Please mention the source if you copy it elsewhere. I will display it here on Easter day, April 21, 2019. In the meantime you are welcome to leave comments on what you think will be the outcome.

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